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The President's Message

“It’s Worth It”

When you are absolutely convinced of the possibility and necessity of pur-suing your goals, you take on a different kind of driving energy. You add years to your life, but more importantly, you add purpose and meaning to it.

Many times when I’m talking to people and I share my vision with them about the RMLA, they ask how are you going to make your vision hap-pen? What steps have to be taken to build this Association? The only an-swer I can give them is YOU. You will make the difference. You will make it happen. No one else is going to take care of this Association but you.

It would be great if we could depend on others to support us. It would be great if people were to say, “Is that your vision? C’mon, let’s go get it.” But it isn’t that kind of party. We must take on the responsibility for making our vision a reality. The major factor in helping to make it happen is YOU.


Take your talents and interests to a level where they have never been tak-en before. There are people who have seemed defeated time and time again. They have had doors slammed in their faces; some have lost all their money. But what enables these people to face danger and criticism and ridicule and keep going on? What is it about these people that ena-bles them to endure that kind of punishment, and even thrive in the face of it? Ask them and they will tell you, “IT’S WORTH IT.” All we do and all we will do for this great Association is worth the effort. And we all should be proud to tell others about the benefits of becoming a member in 2017. Some people will never know the value of this Association until it is gone, but this Board of officers is striving to make it work because it is worth it.


John L. Brown Sr.

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